FRR GSoC Information for Students

Thank you for wanting to help make FRR awesome!

Read the Google Summer of Code Student Guide


Verify you are eligible to participate in Google Summer of Code.

If you are on a F1 visa, be sure you have authorization.


  1. Take a look at our projects
  2. Choose a project from the list or come up with your own
  3. Write your proposal following the GSoC proposal guide
  4. Take a look at our Dev and User guides
  5. If your are not familiar with FRR, download our package and try it out
  6. Join our slack
  7. Join our Dev mailing list
  8. Reach out to us in #gsoc on slack to start discussing your project and introduce yourself. Include the following in your introduction:
    • area of study/interests
    • why do you want to work on FRR?
    • what project are you interested in?
    • link your github, blog, or any other technical publications
    • DO NOT send your CV/resume, we aren’t hiring you
  9. See if you can find something simple to contribute to early in the area of your project